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2020 The Allma Project by @miguelallma



for the

For those who want to heal their hearts, minds, and bodies. For those who want to forgive others and themselves. For those who still believe, after all these years. For those who fight for those who can't fight for themselves. For those who speak with the plants, the Moon and the angels. For those who are just starting to see; for those who are connecting with their power at last. For those who made us fall in love with romance, magic, and music. For those who came before us, for those who are no longer among us. For those who took from us and made room for growth and expansion. For those who destroyed me and made me who I am today, for those who destroyed you and made you who you are today. For those who put us on this path, where we are now meeting. For my blood, for your blood, for our tribes and our nations, I give you my heart, my work, my stories, my secrets, my magic, my dreams, my hopes, my fears, my art, my power, my soul.


my name is miguel allma

I'm 27-yo. Peruvian born-and-raised. Libra, both Sun and Rising, so I am a lover of the arts, beauty, justice (and attention - obviously). Moon in Cancer, so a little needy and dramatic, however creative, loving and loyal af. Currently located in Portland, OR after spending the past 4 years traveling around the world running classes and transformational workshops for those with a desire for healing, expansion, and breakthrough. I've worked with people from every corner of the world: from sexual and physical violence survivors in the Middle East, through parents of children with disabilities in South America to trans-men-and-women in Turkey. My 3-to-5-days workshops are intense, transformational and pure magic. I am very lucky to have worked with healers, coaches, shamans, and real-life angels: people with a call to inspire, heal and awaken others since the beginning of my career.  I attended schools in Peru, Britain, and Ireland for a while (Business, Economics, and Politics) before making a 180-career-change. I was recently certified in Ontological Coaching by the Newfield Network, on top of being well versed in a variety of spiritual practices. I am fluent in Spanish, French, and English.


On my free time, I enjoy visual and plastic arts, yoga (a life-saver!), attending fashion shows, recording visuals for my blog and going out on hot dates with hot guys from all around the world. cuddling with my cat every night is a must.