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2020 The Allma Project by @miguelallma


New Moon, New Me: Leo

Who's ready for their monthly reboot? Tomorrow, July 31st, the Gods are treating us to the second New Moon of the Month: this time in fierce sign Leo. Meow! Now – what does this mean for us kittens? As y'all probably already know, New Moons represent a new beginning, the start of a fresh new 4-weeks cycle. I am a huuuuge fan of synchronizing my projects and calendars to the Moon's rhythms, just like the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Incas, the Mayas, the Chinese, and basically everyone and their mothers in ancient times, used to do. With every New Moon, each in a different zodiac sign, we get the chance to start fresh, say thank u, next to whatever heavy load we've been dealing with and re-program ourselves, our perspectives and our strategies. Every zodiac sign (or archetype, as we like calling them) has a different theme and focuses on different aspects of our persona. Regardless of your beliefs/opinions on astrology, I invite you to consider this millenary tool's potential to help you take a deeper look at yourself and rewire old patterns, habits, ways of thinking, projects, and basically anything you want to work on. You have 12 unique and different perspectives/models to work with. Plus who doesn't wanna invite a little magic into their lives?

lions & lionesses

This New Moon joins the Sun, who has been chilling in Leo since the 22nd. While the Sun is in Leo, aka Leo Season, we learn from the Lion archetype's higher-vibrational traits about self-expression, leadership, generosity, affection, and respect. Leos know their worth, have a need (and talent) for expression and creation, inspire respect, don't let anyone fuck with them, and provide love and warmth to the lucky ones around them. Ruled by the Sun, and just like them, Leos belong in the center of their universes, in the spotlight. They are not afraid to shine, and usually thrive in the arts, politics or communications fields. They're innovators, creators, and revolutionaries: think Madonna, Barack Obama, Coco Channel, King Louis XVI of France, among others. Yep, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. When the Moon visits Leo, our deeper chore and emotions are filled with passion, a need for self-expressing, leading, innovating, shining and creating. When a New Moon is born in Leo, we work on creating a new version of ourselves that isn't afraid to be who they are and let the world bow to their knees. We become fierce, we become social butterflies, we let our passion and creativity invade us.

You can listen an audio clip for more in-depth info on the Leo archetype here.

new moon in Leo tips

New Moon in Leo meditation:

Get grounded and visualize your future-self: the person you are turning into or who you want to be. What does your future-self has to say to you? Listen to your higher-self telling you about how great life is once you've began setting boundaries, saying no, expressing freely (and responsibly) your wishes, ideas and desires, and letting the entire world know what you got. Perhaps he or she already had that conversation you've been avoiding for months (or years). Perhaps your future-self went for that career or residence change you've been dreaming on. Think again of about Madonna, she is one of my all-time favorite artists for a reason: what a fierce-ass revolutionary and pioneer who introduced herself to the world and changed it for good. I love using historical figures or popular icons during my New Moon meditations: I see the gifts their zodiac sign has blessed them with and I learn from them. I get inspiration and so much insight from these archetypes. I believe we all can. I invite you to! Tip: Hold a Carnelian or Amber (Leo's Crystals) close to your throat/heart chakras during your meditation. These two boost confidence, passion and creativity.

Self-Expression/Confidence Boost Exercise:

Write down a present-time affirmation covering any issue regarding your boundaries and how you express yourself. Repeat this affirmation (or turn it into a mantra) in front of a mirror holding a Carnelian or Amber crystal. On that self-expression topic you can also practice repeating anything you are struggling saying. Same mirror + crystal combo. You can turn this into a daily practice.

new moon, new me:

Get our "New Moon, New Me – Goals, Habits & Intentions Journal". It includes activities to self-assess what you want to let go and what you want to achieve with this New Moon, more in-depth information on how to align your projects and intentions to the moon's phases and a printable daily Journal to work on your habits, patterns, behaviors and gratitude. Did I mention it's for free? So fetch! Get it here

food for Leo:

Leo is the protector of the vertebral column and cardiovascular system. The spine symbolizes bravery, while the heart represents our emotions. Leo is ruled by the Sun, who boosts our vitality and strength. Around the New Moon in Leo, search for foods with magnesium phosphate and iron (for the vertebral column, heart and blood). Think apples, nuts, wholegrain foods, green sprouts, tomatoes, pears, grapes, coconut, beef, pork, liver, fish and cheese.

New Moon Gathering:

Because we love any excuse to entertain (and drink champagne) I'm hosting a small get-together with some friends at my house here in Portland during the New Moon night. I am cooking a delicious Leo-themed dinner. It sounds louder than it actually is: fish seasoned in tomato sauce and onion, apple cider and apple pie for dessert. I'm decorating the house with Vervain, Leo's guardian herb, and orange flowers. Once we are done with dinner, we will do our New Moon meditation together in a circle we will create in a sacred space in my backyard. Think more Vervain, crystals, essential oils, and a bunch of stars-loving freaks dancing and celebrating the Cosmos.

buy our Leo Season WorkbooK:

Our 42-pages Leo Season Workbook designed to be used by anyone. Includes our now-viral Lunar Mood Tracker, crystals and apothecary for Leo Season, tarot messages for the 12 zodiac sign, a Leo-meter to measure your Leo Archetype traits, a 4-week guided Moon Journal aligned with the Moon’s current phase ford releasing with the Waning Moon 🌘 ➕ renewing intentions with the New Moon in Leo 🌑 ➕ reclaiming your power with the Waxing Moon 🌔 ➕ redesigning lower-vibration trait the Full Moon 🌕, and so much more! Available both Digital & Physical (Free Shipping in all U.S. orders). So fetch!

and more...

  • Listen to our Leo Season Playlist: includes cuts by Leo Queens Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and a bunch of bops that'll sure to make you roar! Listen in Spotify or Apple Music.

  • Watch my Tarot Forecast for August 2018: This New Moon coincides with the start of August and the Mercury Direct transition. Watch here:

How about you? How are you celebrating this New Moon? Let me know in the comments or give us a shoutout using hashtag #newmoonnewme!

Happy new luna, babe.


Miguel Allma