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Cancer season

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Cancer (latin for crab) is the season of self-care, vulnerability and generosity. I'd like to share some tips from our Cancer Season Workbook on embracing the Cancerian spirit, as we wait for our monthly resetting when a New Moon joins the Sun in Cancer on July 2nd at 12.16 PDT.

To understand and benefit from Cancer’s energy, we need to take a look at her children: those born between June 21st and July 22nd. The crab is known for its hardy, protective exterior and soft interior. It carries its home everywhere it goes, mirroring Cancerians’ home-loving, nurturing, and protective nature, as well as their ever-present need to feel safe. Regardless of how tough some of them may appear to be on the outside, Cancer natives are blessed with a sensitive inside. Cancerians have the gift of vulnerability, through which they can access enormous strength. Cancers can actually read other people’s hearts, and they’re excellent at expressing theirs. They see and perceive the world through their emotions. We live in a world that doesn’t value sensibility anymore, making the Cancer archetype and lessons extremely valuable. Cancers come into this life to activate and spread vulnerability, empathy and generosity among humanity.

The crab belongs in the water. The element of water guards our most private selves, how we really feel. Governed and influenced by the Moon, the fastest-moving celestial body in the sky, Cancer is fast, adaptable and versatile. Just like the brave crab, embrace cycles, changes, and endings. Allow yourself to feel everything that comes your way, whether you’re familiar with it or not: you will find the most precious treasure you can, you will find yourself.

Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness and can be your greatest strength. Those who protect themselves to avoid getting hurt, fail to appreciate intimacy and close relationships. We are born vulnerable and stay that way for our entire childhood. Our relationship with vulnerability is something we are acquainted with, yet abandon as we merge into adulthood. You must accept your vulnerability if you wish to live a wholesome life.

Livin' La Vida Cancer

Rose Quartz Crystals:

Cancer’s Solar Gemstone. Cooling, healing and soothing. Opens the heart, restores confidence, and balances emotions. Helps with heartache. Cleanse frequently, specially when used constantly for emotional healing. Hold close to your heart while making positive affirmations, making heart-based decisions or working with trauma.

💡 Also: Moonstone and Soladite.

Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita):

Our stomachs’ ally. Cancer's guardian herb boosts bile production, among other necessary fluids for better digestion. It’s used for emotional upsets, anxiety and sleeping disorders as these manifest in the digestive tract and stomach. Chamomile helps us digest our emotions better. Her angelic nature also help us connect with our inner kid, a game-changing technique for emotional healing. Chamomile also has a long history of use in medicinal treatments for the skin. 💡 Try: Chamomile tea every night before meditation and journaling sessions. Fresh chamomile flower heads in salads. Coconut oil, Himalayan salt and chamomile hand scrub.

You can also try...

  • Spa-day. Think water-based treatments: sauna, whirlpool.

  • Movie marathon. Think Netflix and actually chilling.

  • Lavender candles.

  • Movie marathons.

  • Donating clothes to churches and charity.

  • Buying a meal for someone in need.

  • Journaling every night.

  • Writing (and sending) love notes to friends, family (and why not? lovers!)

  • Rose quartz jewelry.

Journaling questions from our 4-week guided journal, also included on our Cancer Season Workbook.

  • What is your understanding of “vulnerability”? How, when, or who did you learn that from?

  • Who are the persons you allow yourself to be vulnerable with?

  • What are some of the most generous acts you’ve ever witnessed? What are some of the most generous act you’ve ever performed?

  • Are self-care and your relationship with yourself a priority in your life or are you more invested in taking care of others and your relationships with them?

the moon during cancer season

Dark Moon in Gemini - June 30th

New Moon in Cancer - July 2nd 12.16 PM PDT

First Quarter Moon - July 9th

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn - July 16th 2.38 PM PDT

Happy Cancer Season!