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2020 The Allma Project by @miguelallma


Mercury rx july 2019

Mercury is officially retrograde through July 31st. If you’ve been experiencing “everything is unexplainably going f-ing wrong” moments lately or cursing at your computer (or your bank’s customer service agent over the phone like yours truly) you aren’t alone: Messenger to the Gods, Mercury governs everything technology, travel, financial wealth and COMMUNICATION. 🖥📧💸 When he goes Rx, some folks tend to wet their pants (you can thank greedy modern astrology for that), however Mercury is a good friend: he wants us to go back to the time when humans actually thought before saying (or sending) a message, and just basically didn’t leave everything in hands of a computer. He wants you to use your beautiful brain 🧠, he wants you to express yourself 🗣 clearly and objectively, he wants you to adopt the habit of double-checking. Aren’t these awesome traits to have anyways?

Humanity’s growing obsession with technology and social media have greatly damaged our ability to interconnect and communicate with each other, ironically. We’ve become zombies so so dependent on automation. 🧟‍♂️📱🧟‍♀️ People (specially the younger generations) are so used to language behind a screen that we’ve forgotten how to express ourselves, our desires, our fears and our emotions.

Mercury is also an opportunity to make final adjustments 🛠 to the PAST before we make our big jump into the FUTURE. This is not really a time to start new things, but to press the re-wind button. Think activities that start with the prexies “re” (you know - as in going back). Re-decorate a room, re-view contracts before signing them, re-view your passwords, re-view your storage and cloud services, re-check an e-mail before sending it, re-view your banking alerts and limits, make sure you re-view the recipients of your e-mails: folks tend to send nudes to the wrong person around this time, or so I’ve heard!, re-peat yourself often and clearly (make sure there are no misunderstandings or misconceptions), re-take forgotten hobbies, projects or hobbies. This is also a great time to re-new your vows (just like I had my parents do a few Mercury Rx ago), re-unite with old friends and family. Mercury Rx also tends to bring back old flames (UGH!). Often with the purpose of closure, not necessarily because this is the “one that got away” though. If your ex or a friend you haven’t heard of in ages suddenly DM’s you, you can bet this is Cosmos’ invitation for closure. It’s your chance to say (respectfully, constructively and in all honesty) what you need to say: CLEARLY. I invite you to take the invite.

Happy and peaceful (I mean it) Mercury Retrograde. See you on the other side!