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2020 The Allma Project by @miguelallma


new moon x cancer

A newly-born Moon and the Sun dance together in the sign of Cancer today! Cancerian hearts are intuitive, nurturing, and generous. They speak in the currency of emotion, they can read people's hearts, and they instinctively give love because they come to this life knowing that humanity isn't just lonely individuals meant to survive, but a big dysfunctional family meant to reconcile, thrive and transcend together. Often inadequate, often disappointed, sometimes rejected, yet forever hopeful. Cancerians are resilient: you can break a Cancer's heart, but you'll never change their conviction that true love still exists. They're not stubborn nor naive, they're wise. Through an infinite source of strength called vulnerability, they've hacked the secret of life: giving and loving without expecting.

Learn from Cancer's lights: trust, love, give, share, acknowledge, caress, spoil and nurture those around you and yourself. We all want love, desperately. Love isn't just romantic, love is friendship, love is family, love is art, love is honesty, love is laughter, love is generosity: share it. Our world, our future, our kids desperately need to be reminded that humanity's nature is not one of war, divisionism and selfishness, but one of infinite and boundless love. Humanity suffers from an epidemic of loneliness and depression because that's what we've been conditioned to, but it is not our nature: it's not all there is. This New Moon invites you to be a be a giver, not a taker. Stop resisting, and allow yourself to feel and give with intention, forget about agendas, expectations and fear. Make connections, reclaim the innocent trust and hope in people that you were born with. Open up about your feelings, listen without interrupting, be source, be empathetic, be respectful of other people's emotions. Fall in love, give love, make love. Unlearn your parents' paradigms, learn from their mistakes: unlearn your own paradigms and learn from your mistakes. You are not meant to repeat stories, patterns or suffering. Just because he or she didn't value you, doesn't mean you're not the most precious gem on Earth. Kiss your fears away and risk it all for love: because it's love and love only that will save us someday. Cancer's ex-lovers (and friends) always return to them because of their innate ability to make a home of themselves. Accept Cancer's invitation to nurture yourself: pay attention to the little details that make your home feel like home. If it doesn't feel like one, it's time to! Make time for yourself, and mean it. Book a spa session, take longer showers, go out for a 10-mins walk, take care of your skin, your hair, your organs, the food you put inside your body. Track your sleeping hours, your moods, your dreams, your period, your ups and your downs. Acknowledge your emotions through journaling, rituals and therapy. Cancer Season (also Summer in the Northern Hemisphere) is the perfect time for a detox, yearly medical check-ups and beauty. Think of how far we'd be if we invested a fraction of the time and energy we invest in our relationships with others in ourselves.

Learn from Cancer's shadows: don't empty your cup: fill it. Always choose choose yourself first. Do not confuse Cancer's willingness to give and open up with attachment and martyrdom. Just like a flight attendant reminds you to take care of yourself first before trying to help others: the same principle applies to relationships. A Cancerian out of balance will give hoping that others will fill their cup. We can all identify co-dependency traits in everyone, regardless of their astrology. Learn from that. Fall in love with yourself first. Set boundaries. Be honest about your feelings. Don't hide how you really feel to please somebody else. Don't try to fix somebody, and by absolute no means try to convince someone to love you. Don't let anyone play with your emotions: give yourself to someone who is worthy of you. Have standards and, often, raise them. Emotional unavailability (aka cowardliness, immaturity or the inability to grow balls) is a disease: you cannot (and it is absolutely not your duty to) cure it. If you've opened up and given selfless love (in any shape) and the person did not value it: I promise you it's their fucking loss and their fucking problem: you're a radiant shining light. See? My Moon in Cancer ass is taking control yet again!

Happy New Moon in Cancer, Happy Eclipse, Happy Cancer Season and Happy Life, baby! Don't ever stop believing and don't you ever forget about your superpower: vulnerability. I love you.