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2020 The Allma Project by @miguelallma


Welcome to scorpio season

The Sun has officially moved from social-and-balance-seeking Libra ⚖️ into mysterious Scorpio ♏️. Libra is the last sign of the Zodiac to focus on the "self." Upcoming Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces seasons focus on the energies of the greater collective and our relationship to it. With Scorpio, we explore the death and rebirth of the self: Scorpio represents reincarnation, metamorphosis, transformation, and power. A power that comes from the deepest, best hidden, darkest parts of you. 🖤

Who are you when no one else is around? Who are you when you are sad? How do you react when you are angry? Who do you turn into when you get jealous? What are your biggest fears, your biggest secrets? Who have you deemed worthy of seeing the real you, of getting to know your heart and truest intentions? What are the pending conversations you have? Who are the people you are yet to forgive or apologize to? These are questions that you want to ask yourself during Scorpio Season: the uncomfortable, the dark, the hidden, and even painful.

The Scorpion 🦂 understands pain, death, and cycles, and he is ready to share all of his knowledge with you. Death isn't the end. Not even physical death is. Physical death is a bridge, a rite of passage, a necessary manifestation, and transformation of life. We don't stop existing. Ever. The ending of a period in time, of a relationship, of a project, of physical life, will happen, whether we want to accept it (and process it) or not. Scorpio understands this and sees the power of endings, the secrets in the underworld where most people fear to go. Scorpio can go to the underworld and not only return alive, but return to the living world with knowledge, secrets, and riches from the dead. Scorpio knows that the very instant that something ends, something new starts, and that's where the magic is,

Are you ready to journey into the darker side with us?

What Will Scorpio Season Bring For You?

Your Scorpio Season program

Here at The Allma Project 🚀, we draw inspiration from the astrological events occurring in the sky to curate our content. Talk about "As above, so below"! During Scorpio Season 🦂we work everything darkness, intuition, intimacy, vulnerability, death and transformation. Every week we share with you a guided meditation, a tarot-forecast for each zodiac sign, and interviews with experts on each week's curated topics, so make sure to follow us on our Instagram where all the magic happens!

2019 Scorpio Season Content:

  • Week 1 (10/23): How to Reinvent Yourself + Darkness: How to Embrace your Shadows + Shadow Work

  • Week 2 (10/27): All Hallow's Eve Special: Witchcraft & The Afterlife

  • Week 3 (11/03): Possessiveness & Jealousy 

  • Week 4 (11/10): Intuition & Divination

  • Week 5 (11/17): Sex, Fetishes & Polyamory

You can get early access to each week's content every Sunday when you join The Gang: our free (now and forever) community plus a weekly newsletter, a new curated reading list every week, freebies and downloads from our vault, discounts, giveaways, and so much more. The Gang is the best way to experience The Allma Project and the many surprises we are currently cooking up for you! We totally get it if you aren't ready to take us home yet! We can still be friends on Instagram and Facebook!

Your Scorpio Season Playlist

Your Crystal for Scorpio Season: Carnelian

Scorpio rules our sexual organs, reproductive, and urinary systems. So we want to work with crystals than support the Sacral Chakra: the goal is emotional stability, creative expression, and opening the door for pleasure in every area of our lives. Sacred stone of passion and physical vitality, Carnelian, will clear, heal and activate both your Sacral and Root Chakras, on top of bolstering your intuition, reassuring gut feelings and dispelling apathy and passiveness. Great for tantric sex, and as an energy-booster. A bracelet made with orange and red carnelian stones will be a great accessory for the sexual-energy-charged Scorpio season. Meow!

Apothecary for Scorpio Season: European Holly (Ilex aquifolium)

Whenever there's distrust, suspicion, or grudge, Holly is your ally. For the (just a little) possessive, vengeful, and resentful, or those who've been personally wronged and are having a hard time moving on, Holly helps open up the heart chakra and release feelings of anger, envy and distrust. As with a scorpion, we are careful when it comes to Holly: its berries can be highly toxic when ingested. Holly leaves, on the other hand, are used for a bunch of medicinal purposes from digestive maladies, and rheumatism, through fever and high blood pressure. A few teaspoonfuls of dried leaves, sweetened with honey make a splendid pacifying tea. Careful not to overindulge, as the primary active ingredient in Holly is caffeine. Rawr!

Your Scorpio Season Workbook

Ruled by both Mars and Pluto,  Scorpio wants you to take a look at your best-kept secrets and darkest moments, and reclaim them back. Scorpio Season is your invitation to work on your vulnerability, feeling comfortable with deep intimacy, trusting your psychic abilities and embracing your shadow-self. To help you navigate these themes, our 56-page Scorpio Season for the 12 Signs ✨ workbook is now available both printed and as a digital download.

The New Moon in Scorpio coincides with the All Hallow’s Eve and Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) festivals on October 31st, so we've added an extra week called “Rebirth” to explore Scorpio’s connection to the underworld.

A few lucky ones who order the printed version will also receive a recharged amethyst crystal ⚡️to work with their own intuition and psychic abilities! So fetch!

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