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2020 The Allma Project by @miguelallma


the power of chamomile

Matricaria Recutita aka Chamomile (Ancient Greek for "ground apple") goes way back to ancient Kemet (3,000 BC) where the Egyptians associated her with the Sun God Ra. The badass Egyptian doctors and sorcerers used her to treat fevers, malaria, gangrene, demoniac possession and even mummifications. The Romans used her for incense; the Greeks for her fragrance. Chamomile is also known as Cancer Season's guardian herb given its curative properties for indigestion, anxiety and depression, all health issues related to the Cancer archetype. Her healing properties are not exclusive to humans: if a plant was withering and failing to thrive, planting chamomile nearby will improve the health of the ailing plant.

Discover Chamomile's different properties and uses with this gorgeous little list we've curated for you. So fetch!

General Health

  • Scientific studies have shown that it acts like leading anti anxiety medications. For nerves and insomnia, drink warm at bedtime. Try mixing with warm milk and honey. Extra strength when blended with Lavender, another one of Cancer's favorite herbs.

  • Drink 2 or 3 cups of warm tea per day to sooth problems associated with muscle cramps and spasms. Especially useful for menstrual cramps. Chamomile is also a gentle muscle relaxant, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory.

  • Aids in digestion, soothes gastric complaints and colitis including irritable bowel problems. Relieves morning sickness and restlessness that comes with pregnancy. For stomach problems, including gastritis, colitis and morning sickness, drink a cup of tea an empty stomach first thing in the morning hot or cold.

  • A chamomile tea bag makes a good compress. Chill or use warm. Eye inflammations can also be treated by placing a cool compress soaked in chamomile tea over the eyes.

💡 TIP: To make a tea infused with the Sun’s herb never boil it together with the water. Boil first some water. Put away the water from the fire. Now add a spoon of the herb in the boiled water and put a small dish on it to imprison the benevolent gases. Leave it there “closed” for 5 minutes. Take a cup, strain the flowers and drink the infusion slowly


  • Chamomile tea is an excellent rinse for brightening blonde hair.

  • Infuse chamomile flowers in milk for a soothing skin cleanser that works both against acne and as a moisturizer.

  • Used topically, Chamomile speeds the healing process of cuts, scrapes, blisters and burns. It is also helpful for rashes, eczema and skin inflammation. Add it to a salve, rinse the affected area with chamomile tea, or add a few drops of essential oil to bathwater.


What you'll need:

  • 1/2 cup of Unscented Castile soap

  • 1 3/4 cup of Filtered Water

  • 2-3 tbsp Honey

  • 8 tsp Almond Oil

  • 1.5 tbsp Dried Chamomile Flowers

  • 12 drops of Melaleuca Essential Oil

  • 12 drops of Lavender Essential Oil

  • 8 drops of Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil

  • 1 Glass Foaming Soap Dispenser

How to make it:

  1. Infuse the almond oil with dried chamomile flowers: Create a double boiler, heat up the oil, then add the chamomile flowers. Allow it to infuse for at least 30 minutes by keeping it simmering and stirring occasionally. The longer you keep it simmering, the better.

  2. Strain the almond oil into a jar using a cheesecloth. Or you can use an unused flat fold cloth diaper (like in picture #2 - works like a charm!)

  3. Add filtered water to the glass soap dispenser: If you add the Castile soap before the water, you’re going to have a big, bubbly mess on your hands.

  4. Add soap and chamomile infused almond oil to the soap dispenser. It will look strange and separated, but it’s perfectly fine.

  5. Screw the lid and shake vigorously.

  6. Add honey, Rosehip oil, Lavender essential oil and Melaleuca essential oil to the dispenser. Tighten the lid, give it a good shake, and voila! Your DIY face wash is done! Click on pictures on the slide below for visual help!

  • Use your favorite essential oil (EO) to benefit your particular skin type.

  • For OILY skin use an astringent or antiseptic EO like tea tree, bergamot, geranium, or lemongrass.

  • If you have DRY skin, choose a more mild EO like sandalwood, chamomile, lavender, or rose.

  • For MATURE skin, use an oil that is known for stimulating new cell growth such as lavender, neroli, jasmine, or geranium. Adding several drops of Vitamin E oil to the mixture will also nourish mature skin.

  • Substitute rose water, distilled water, or pure aloe vera gel for the chamomile tea.

  • If using chamomile EO feel free to use plain distilled water instead of chamomile tea. Feel free to omit essential oils if using a scented soap.


Chamomile is associated with Cancer and the element of water. It helps cleanse and invigorate the throat chakra (5th). It is used in spells for abundance, tranquility, and purification.

  • An infusion used to wash thresholds (doors and windows) will help keep unwanted energies or entities from passing through.

  • Sprinkle powdered chamomile flowers around your home to fight black magic spells or psychic attacks. Chamomile is specially powerful against magic involving fires and lightening strikes.

  • Washing your hands in chamomile water or tea before gambling will increase your luck.

  • Place pressed chamomile flowers in your wallet to attract money to it. Chamomile flowers can also be burnt for wealth.

  • A simple chamomile bath (aided with visualization) will increase your attractiveness to the desired sex. Chamomile is also used in garlands to wear around your hair to attract a lover.

  • Use in meditation and sleeping incenses. Drink as tea if you want to work with astral projection or prophetic dreams.

A fair warning: Chamomile should not be used by people who are already using blood thinners because some constituents may have anticoagulant action.