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2020 The Allma Project by @miguelallma


Virgo Season

There's a feeling in the air as we exit festive, outgoing and a-little-alcoholic Leo Season and enter Virgo. Kind of like when you wake up on a Sunday morning after being that bitch the night before at that party where you met that guy who wanted to spend the night but you Uber'd home cause, as I said, you're that bitch. And now, hangover-free because you also happen to be a holistic badass who drank a gallon of ginger tea before going out: triumphant and sovereign, you are ready to plan how you're going to take over the world for yet another week.

When I think of Virgo I think first days of school. Nothing I loved more growing up than the smell of new notebooks, new agendas, new Post-Its, new planners (my drug of choice): everything that involves organization, calendars, strategy and scheming equals Virgo. Virgo is the time of the year, here in the Northern Hemisphere, where throughout history communities and civilizations would start re-focusing, re-planning and strategically stocking up for the Winter. Nowadays we get Netflix & Chill and enjoy Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but this still is the time of the year where energetically we are invited to be strategic, be clean, be organized, be ambitious and prepare for the colder and darker half of the year. Oh Virgo, I've waited so long for ya.

Ruled by Mercury, just like Gemini, Virgo is ruled by Mercury’s shadow: the hidden, unused, and often disregarded aspects of thought and communication. Gemini’s Mercury wants to communicate everything that is new, vivid and stimulating, Virgo wants to communicate the mundane, the specifics, the kinks, the muck, and any questions of efficacy. Virgo is the Zodiac's microscope, always seeking to refine, analyze, and thread thoughts together to prevent chaos, madness and wastefulness. There’s nothing a Virgo hates more than wasted time, for instance. Virgos breathe efficiency, consistency, determination, and structure. The result is the excellence that they’re famous for: think Beyoncé, Michael Jackson, P!nk and Freddie Mercury. What do all these performance beasts have in common? They didn't just slay (you love what I did there) out of the blue, they learnt how to, through hard work, dedication, analysis, and structure.

Psst! You can listen to our Virgo Season Playlist (with cuts from Virgo Queen & King Beyoncé & Freddie Mercury) here.

Virgo: The Virgin & THE ORIGIN OF GUILT

The Virgo archetype can be tracked down to the Garden of Eden story, which conditioned humanity to believe in the separation of the spirit from the flesh: a man-made religious belief system that "God" is perfect and always judging us, sinful humans, which has fostered guilt in the human psyche, correlating inherent feelings of shame, inadequacy, lack, and having to atone for our sins in various ways. From the beginning of human history, each generation has taken on guilt and passed it down to the children not only verbally and literally, but through DNA. Parents, children, friends, spouses, partners and others have used guilt for behavior modification, punishment and revenge. Institutions like businesses, governments and religions have used guilt to keep people in line. Guilt is so much a part of the fabric of our culture that it seems quite radical to suggest that it's been a mistake, but it has.

Many have believed that guilt has been necessary to keep us from doing 'wrong' things. The truth is that you and I, and everyone... we are all innocent. In fact, guilt erodes conscience by degrading self-esteem and even causing self-hatred. With enough guilt, a person can get in a position where they feel obliged to prove to themselves and the world just how bad they are. The distorted Virgo archetype imposes fault, blame and condemnation onto others (as well as onto itself). Also double-standards, inferiority, victimization, persecution, and the social constructs of virginity and purity. Guilt, and shame are indeed major topics that Virgo deal with throughout their lives, and a super powerful angle from which those born under different Suns can use for their self-healing journeys: what are the guilts you carry? who would you be if there was no shame? who are the people you haven't forgiven yet? what have you not forgiven yourself for?

Over the upcoming 4 weeks on The Allma Project we will discuss the topics of guilt, the impact of stress and worrying, the need for perfection and control and how to manifest excellence like a Virgo.

  • Week 1 (Aug 25 - 31): Guilt - Shame - Virginity: A Social Construct - Freedom

  • Week 2 (Sep 1-7): Worrying - Stress - Cortisol - The Stomach: 2nd Brain

  • Week 3 (Sep 8-14): Excellence - Control - Idealism - The Power of Maca

  • Week 4 (Sep 15-21): Manifestation - Solar Plexus Chakra

Starting this Sunday August 25th (1st day of Week 1 of Virgo Season) our READ, LISTEN & WATCH sections start getting updated daily with articles, blog-entries, visual and mood boards, tarot forecasts, meditations, interviews with field-experts, and holistic health articles, all curated to each week's topic/themes, which are aligned to current astrological season. We've been working hard on this (and many other crazy ideas) behind the scenes for months now and couldn't have chosen a better Season to officially launch The Allma Project than ambitious, detail-oriented and strategic Virgo.

Finally, don't forget you can still get both digital and printed versions of our "Re-Program Yourself: VIRGO Workbook + Journal" (Jesus, what a long-ass name!)

Welcome to Virgo Season 2019, baby.

You've got no idea of what's coming your way. 🚀